Do you need pampering?

Feeling fab days are all about people who have experienced bereavement or loss having the opportunity to enjoy a day of being pampered!

Come along to feel nurtured, pampered and supported by women who have all experienced loss in their own lives.
You will leave feeling special and uplifted.

Feeling Fab Pamper Days

The pampering days are based on the belief that if people feel better about themselves on the outside they will feel better on the inside. We give them massages, hair and make-up and manicures. It is a wonderful opportunity also leave that blanket of grief at the door. To meet others who have had a similar experience, make new friends and have a fabulous day. Our team have huge hearts and understand that you need tender loving care in a safe environment.


What Ladies are Saying

“Being fortunate enough to get a place on the Feeling Fab Day at the Grief Centre was a life changing moment for me. I was struggling to live with the grief I was experiencing over the loss of my beloved sister and was not being supported by anyone in my life. Like many women I simply had to keep going with the day to day activities and hold a family and a household together. To be given a break for one day where there were women giving their time and energy so generously to others and to receive some pampering and care and attention was a truly healing experience. I am grateful for the opportunity and the ripples it started in my life to give me strength to move forward.”
Susan Cole

 We are there to make a difference.